A successful injection molding company needs to be clean, well organized, and staffed with experience technicians and management to operate at peak efficiency. The Caroba plant is a model from which many competitors try to imitate. Our standardized approach of using a fleet of Nissei high precision molding presses and auxiliary equipment provides unmatchable sophistication, functionality and reliability while maintaining exceptional up time. Caroba has the ability to conduct performance analysis during production to monitor process capability and part quality.

  • Standardized Fleet of Nissei's, Hydraulic, Electric and Hybrid
  • From 22 Ton to 400 Ton
  • Standardized Support Equipment
  • Secondary Screws for Clear Polymer Production
  • Zero Scrap Philosophy from Quoting to Reality
  • Scientific Decoupled Molding Trained Personnel 
  • Automation
  • Stack Mold Capable
  • Experienced with all Thermoplastic Materials

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